Monday, March 6, 2017

Red Army Cup 2017 Aftermath

RAC is over and I will try to offer some summaries of my tournament experience. I had only my phone camera with myself ant it was rather I will use official photos of this event...
Not all my forces are represented
as two 10 dwarfstrong units
of greybeards & handgunners are trying
two stop the daemonic advance.

For my Dwarven Holds it was a 2 days marathon of 5 games in total:

  1. O&G (3:17)
  2. DL (2:18)
  3. VC (12:8)
  4. DL (8:12)
  5. DL (10:10)
As a result of such 'unsuccessful' experience I have some thoughts about my roster:
  • great weapon are out of use, hw+shield+thw is a game winning combination;
  • dwarf engineer is a real BOMB! he can do everything from shooting to fighting to diverting (165pts for shield & repeater);
  • flame cannons can do something as a pair but they cost 340pts and it is too much...
  • one ballista is no way a threat, you have to take at least 3!

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