Monday, March 6, 2017

Red Army Cup 2017 Aftermath

RAC is over and I will try to offer some summaries of my tournament experience. I had only my phone camera with myself ant it was rather I will use official photos of this event...
Not all my forces are represented
as two 10 dwarfstrong units
of greybeards & handgunners are trying
two stop the daemonic advance.

For my Dwarven Holds it was a 2 days marathon of 5 games in total:

  1. O&G (3:17)
  2. DL (2:18)
  3. VC (12:8)
  4. DL (8:12)
  5. DL (10:10)
As a result of such 'unsuccessful' experience I have some thoughts about my roster:
  • great weapon are out of use, hw+shield+thw is a game winning combination;
  • dwarf engineer is a real BOMB! he can do everything from shooting to fighting to diverting (165pts for shield & repeater);
  • flame cannons can do something as a pair but they cost 340pts and it is too much...
  • one ballista is no way a threat, you have to take at least 3!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Red Army Cup

The time is almost up for Red Army Cup (25/26 february); 50 Fb-players are going to clash with their 4500pts armies in St.Petersburg (Russia) using t9A v.1.3 rules.

I want to change my current DH roster slightly. I have some doubts about seekers, not very found of criminal dawi, DSeeker seems to be the weapon of choice against monsters...ehhhh....Dragons; with Ws7 S10 I8 A6 & Lightning reflexes he is really good, but he has a strong rivalry - Dwarf King is well protected & can be armed in the same way...

  1. Tortuga
  2. Children of Bro Valdas
  3. Firstborn
  4. HoneyBears
  5. Polutrezvie (Half-sobber)
  6. Belorussia
  7. Steadfast Brotherhood
  8. Moscow Tourists
  9. Forum Gaming
  10. Hangar 19
  11. SiSi Total Recall
  12. Arctic Proxybots

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chaos Gods or just seven deadly sins daemons?

The current Dark Gods are familiar to all players, however it's just a matter of time as The New Ones are on their way. Below are the 7 Dark Gods, with the names given to them by their worshippers, which have spread out among the people of the world. Many cultures have their own terms, and each civilisation will fear the influences of some Dark Gods more than others, but the names have been spread for many centuries to draw in those who would live free of constraint:

Kuulima, Lady of Flies, Goddess of Envy
Some followers of the Lady of Flies see her as the great leveller, to bring all to level footing and be judged. Others have more base motivations, and simply grasp for what others possess. Those in poverty, the dispossessed and unrequited lovers turn to the Lady for the means to extend their reach.

Vanadra, the Adversary, Goddess of Wrath
At the vanguard of the Dark Gods’ forces, the followers of Wrath have a well-earned reputation as deadly enemies. The oppressed and falsely accused have always numbered among Vanadra’s servants, empowered to hunt betrayers and oath-breakers, until they are consumed by a thirst for vengeance.

Sugulag, the Collector, God of Greed
To the servants of the Collector, all things are their possessions to be claimed. By conquest or cunning, the hoards of their greatest members rival any monarch. Misers and smugglers have often found a place with Sugulag, as they seek to retain their rightful rewards.

Akaan, the Devourer, God of Gluttony
The great maw of the Titan is never sated, and his followers devour all before them in a horrific parody of natural hunger. Gourmands, drunks and those with darker appetites may turn to the Devourer to meet their twisted needs, yet they soon find their outward appearance just as disgusting, all thoughts of aesthetics long since fled.

Cibaresh, the Tempter, God of Lust
Though sadists, masochists and lechers are drawn to Cibaresh’ promises of indulgence, the true delight of the Tempter is to seduce the righteous, placing snares in their path to entice them towards ruin. In battle his followers have a similar allure, threatening to overpower the senses of even seasoned soldiers.

Savar, the Fallen Star, God of Pride
Those who fall from exalted station, whose pre-eminence is never recognised among their own people, or are passed over for promotion find a natural home with the Fallen Star. He gifts them with the strength to realise their ambitions, displaying their achievements proudly and shunning lesser enemies.

Nukuja, the Sleeper, Goddess of Sloth
In the black eyes of the Sleeper’s followers, it is said you can see your death approach. Prophets of doom have long sworn to Nukuja, and been granted visions of death and destruction in return. The Slothful endure though, determined that their inscrutable gaze will witness the end of all.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Engineers Guild

For my 9th Age roster I need a new type of dwarf engineers, they are cheap & they are effective, for just 164pts (plate armour, shield, forge repeater) they can upgrade your artillery as well as 18" 4 shots with BS4 S5 (QtF & Flaming).
That is the basis for my
"quiet unsuccessful"
  1. Dwarf engineers are not armed with just simple axes or hammers.
  2. He needs some 'guild' shield.
  3. As this model is armed with crossbow & bolts I need to change them to forge repeater & bullets.
  4. Every engineer needs his tool bag, instruments & apron.

Friday, December 30, 2016

NY 2017

Well, let me congratulate all FB gamers: May the New Year brings new hopes and new reasons to play our game!

It seems that during this year turbulent times we got some interesting & promising  facts: Specialist Games (Blood Bowl), Warhammer Total War!

But still GW behaved badly and they will not get their gifts!

& let's not forget about The 9th Age!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

DH roster v.1.3

As stout as any dwarf player I wish not to change my current roster greatly but as there are some points changes I have to calculate it one more time. The Banner of Shielding is come back again as well as Aether Icon; as for monster hunting I choose to add some 'old school' firepower - ballista & organ gun with engineer. ALSO there are 2! Flame cannons!

Dwarf Holds - 4494

Characters [max 40%] 1355 - 30,11%
King (General) 230, Great weapon 20, Shield Bearers 120, Rune of Iron 20, 3*Rune of Shielding 90 = 480
Dragon Seeker 220, Monster Seeker 60, Rune of Precision 40, Rune of Quickening 40, Rune of Smashing 40 = 400
Thane 120, BSB 50, Aether Icon 55, 
Aether Loathestone 30Shield 16, 2*Rune of Iron 40 =311
Engineer 140, Shield 4, Forge Repeater 20 = 164

Core [at least 25%) 1314 - 29,2%
28 Greybeards 576, FCG 60, Great weapon 168 = 804
10 Greybeards 180, shield 20, throwing weapons 40, Vanguard 20 = 260
10 Marksmen 210, Guild-crafted Handguns 40 = 250 [count towards the Clan's Thunder ]

Special [no limit] 1020 - 22,66%
18 Deepwatch 414, FCG 60, Runic Standard of Shielding 80 = 554
9 Seekers 198, Champion 20, Skirmish 18= 236
10 Miners 180, Pistols 50 = 230 [count towards the Clan's Thunder]

Engines of War [max 20%] 805 - 17,88%
Flame Cannon 130, Rune Crafted 40 = 170
Flame Cannon 130, Rune Crafted 40 = 170
Ballista 120, Rune Crafted 20 = 140

Organ Gun 280, Rune Crafted 45 = 325