Monday, February 13, 2017

Red Army Cup

The time is almost up for Red Army Cup (25/26 february); 50 Fb-players are going to clash with their 4500pts armies in St.Petersburg (Russia) using t9A v.1.3 rules.

I want to change my current DH roster slightly. I have some doubts about seekers, not very found of criminal dawi, DSeeker seems to be the weapon of choice against monsters...ehhhh....Dragons; with Ws7 S10 I8 A6 & Lightning reflexes he is really good, but he has a strong rivalry - Dwarf King is well protected & can be armed in the same way...

  1. Tortuga
  2. Children of Bro Valdas
  3. Firstborn
  4. HoneyBears
  5. Polutrezvie (Half-sobber)
  6. Belorussia
  7. Steadfast Brotherhood
  8. Moscow Tourists
  9. Forum Gaming
  10. Hangar 19
  11. SiSi Total Recall
  12. Arctic Proxybots

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