Friday, December 30, 2016

NY 2017

Well, let me congratulate all FB gamers: May the New Year brings new hopes and new reasons to play our game!

It seems that during this year turbulent times we got some interesting & promising  facts: Specialist Games (Blood Bowl), Warhammer Total War!

But still GW behaved badly and they will not get their gifts!

& let's not forget about The 9th Age!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

DH roster v.1.3

As stout as any dwarf player I wish not to change my current roster greatly but as there are some points changes I have to calculate it one more time. The Banner of Shielding is come back again as well as Aether Icon; as for monster hunting I choose to add some 'old school' firepower - ballista & organ gun with engineer. ALSO there are 2! Flame cannons!

Dwarf Holds - 4494

Characters [max 40%] 1355 - 30,11%
King (General) 230, Great weapon 20, Shield Bearers 120, Rune of Iron 20, 3*Rune of Shielding 90 = 480
Dragon Seeker 220, Monster Seeker 60, Rune of Precision 40, Rune of Quickening 40, Rune of Smashing 40 = 400
Thane 120, BSB 50, Aether Icon 55, 
Aether Loathestone 30Shield 16, 2*Rune of Iron 40 =311
Engineer 140, Shield 4, Forge Repeater 20 = 164

Core [at least 25%) 1314 - 29,2%
28 Greybeards 576, FCG 60, Great weapon 168 = 804
10 Greybeards 180, shield 20, throwing weapons 40, Vanguard 20 = 260
10 Marksmen 210, Guild-crafted Handguns 40 = 250 [count towards the Clan's Thunder ]

Special [no limit] 1020 - 22,66%
18 Deepwatch 414, FCG 60, Runic Standard of Shielding 80 = 554
9 Seekers 198, Champion 20, Skirmish 18= 236
10 Miners 180, Pistols 50 = 230 [count towards the Clan's Thunder]

Engines of War [max 20%] 805 - 17,88%
Flame Cannon 130, Rune Crafted 40 = 170
Flame Cannon 130, Rune Crafted 40 = 170
Ballista 120, Rune Crafted 20 = 140

Organ Gun 280, Rune Crafted 45 = 325

Friday, December 9, 2016

A Tale of Several Gamers

A unit of 10 dwarf handgunners.

First ones of my 10 strong unit of
miners with hand weapon & pistols.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The 9th Age

Several month ago I posted my own vision of t9A timeline. Let's see how much of that we will see in the official source...
Timeline of the 9th Age - My vision!

BS - before Sunna
AS - Age of Sunna

about 200 000 000 years ago - During this period, the greatcontinent broke up into the northern supercontinent and the southern supercontinent. The Land was dominated by archosaurian reptiles.
about 70 000 000 years ago - A massive comet or asteroid impact, it was followed by impact winter & the ice age. All life forms are concentrated in the South.
about 3 000 000 years ago - The earliest evidence of the existence of bipedal proto-saurians (Saur-habilis, Saur-erectus, Saur-sapiens) & trolls.
about 15 000 years ago - The emergence of the first Cuatls & Dragons.
about 10 000 years ago - The Demiurges race arrives on Earth & begins the reshaping of the world.
about 10 000 years ago - The 1st Age ("The Age of Creation").
The foundation of the City of Gold & the creation of the Cradle of Birth by the Demiurgs.
Demiurgs begin to exert control over the various species of the world, bending them to their will and in some cases reshaping their forms.
The emergence of greenskins (Orcs & Goblins).
The armies of greenskins, created by Demiurgs, begin the conquest of the world. First wars with native Saurians.
Demiurgs split the world into the separate continents whose geography is similar to what they look like today. The pattern of the continents have been copied from the many worlds influenced by the Demiurgs across the universe.
The Green Rebellion. The greenskins revolt & scatter all over the globe.
Demiurgs experiment further, bending the primordial intelligent races of the world to new and different shapes. Giants, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Halflings & Ogres are created. "The unsuccessful attempts" cast out into the wild world (Vermin Swarms)
about 7000 years ago - The Great Catastrophe. The Cradle of Birth is stolen by unknown. The huge burst of a mysterious energy twists everything it comes to a contact . The City of Gold is consumed by the great vortex. Some unlucky inhabitants of the nearby area are changed, the emergence of beastmen & other half-breeds (griffons, manticores, centaurs). The Dark Gods gain access to our world.
about 6000 years ago - The 2nd Age ("The Age of the Long Night")
The daemons of the Dark Gods are waging war with intelligent species of the world. Millions are killed.
The survivors are sneeking in wilderness & warring amongst themselves and with feral greenskin tribes for a shelter.
The dwarfs build their first citadels in mountains. The foundation of the Cult of the Ancestors.
Some elves are welcomed by the sylvan spirits in their sacred groves (Sylvan Elves).
about 5000 years ago - The 3rd Age ("The Age of the Dragons")
Saurians muster the largest armies ever assembled to combat the dark hordes; they unite with elven & dwarf clans against common enemy.
Dragons take part in the War.
The Aliance is victorious & all daemonic armies are wiped into another dimension.
-4812 - 3914 BS - The 4th Age ("The Golden Age")
Dwarfs settle in all major mountain systems all over the world.
Elves take on themselves the mission to protect this world from the menace of the Dark Gods. The foundation of the Highborn kingdoms.
First encounters with feral human, ogre & halfling tribes.
Dragons become dormant & dissapear in the most secluded places of the world.
All contacts between the Saurians and the warm-blooded are broken.
-3913 - 3018 BS - The 5th Age ("The Age of Strife")
Dwarfs haunted by the sence of the racial memory establish The Cult of Seekers, their main goal is to reach the Golden City and to find out the fate of the Ancestor Gods (or to bring back some of its treasures). The cult followers are the dishonored dwarfs as for the others the task seems to be suicidal.
Elves believe that it is foolhardly to disturb the Dark Lands. Tensions rise between the Dwarfs and the Elves.
Elven bastions are under full scale daemonic invasion. Some elven lords make pacts with the dark deities (Dread Elves).
Contact is lost with the Dwarf settlements in the Wasteland & Dark Lands, they are believed to have been destroyed by elves.
​(-3453 - 3337 BS) - Hundred Years' War between Dwarfs & Elves.
Several dwarf clans are consumed by bitterness and greed and pledge their power & souls to darkness (Infernal Dwarfs).
-3017 - 2001 BS - The 6th Age ("The Silver Age")
The foundation of the first human kingdom of Naptesh.
Dwarfs intensify trade with primitive human and ogre tribes.
The dwarfs of the Far East find a secret of gunpowder.
-2000 - 667 BS - The 7th Age ("The Age of the Thousand Kingdoms")
Dwarfs Engineers Guild is established.
Several human tribes found their own kingdoms.
The power of The Dark Gods slowly grows greater. They found followers all over the Dark Lands and beyond.
The Great Dying of Naptesh. The Birth of Vampires.
-666 - 1 BS - The 8th Age ("The Age of Blood")
The rebirth of the first Daemon Prince.
The Great Vortex expand. Daemonic Legions broke free once more. At the forefront of the Incursion are the mortal followers of the Dark Gods.
Dwarfs find out that their dark cousins teachings take root in some of their settlements. The tradidionalist blame the guild of engineers.
The Great Underground War. Traditionalist dwarfs fight inventors & dark cultists alike. Vermins & greenskins take advantage of the situations and attack dwarven holds all over the world.
The Fall, elven cultists open secret routs for their dark masters armies; the elven realms are in flames of the war on all fronts.
0 - 2017 AS - The 9th Age ("The Age of Sunna")
1 AS - The Birth of Sunna.