Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let's talk about Rangers...Dwarf Rangers

I allways loved dwarf rangers, they are number two of my favorite unit list (ironbreakers/deep watch are #1). But how can I use them in The 9th Age... Talking with different dwarf players I came to a view of suicide squad or diverting unit, but recently I changed my mind due to explanations of our dwarf-comrade Tim"FavCrusher"Bargmann (2nd place in a Masters warm-up, ETC).
I think Rangers are one of our best units we have. @FavCrusher 

Let's look at the dwarf rangers more closely (v.1.2.2):
- they are expensive;
- they are no way cc specialists (WS4, S3, A1) on they own;
- they've got best BS in our army, but still only 4 and the choice of xbows or th.weapons for that matter...

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