Monday, November 28, 2016

A Tale of Several Gamers

Recently we started a new series of articles (something like "A Tale of Four Gamers" in White Dwarf mag), the rules are pretty simple:

  • choose an army (roster of 4500pts);
  • you can use any miniature of any company/copies acceptible;
  • convert/paint and publish it every week... 
At the moment there are 5 participants:
  1. Porw / Dwarf Holds
  2. Shinymetallass / Saurian Ancients
  3. BigFatCat19 / Orcs & Goblins
  4. yoshi / Dread Elves
  5. flam / Empire of Sonnstahl
Dwarf King with great weapon
& shieldbearers.

Dragon Seeker with runic
additional hand weapon.

The Anvil of Power. (in process).

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